I’m Meghan, and I created this blog in 2019 (finally) after thinking about it for years! As a lover of blogs myself, I always knew I wanted to have my own little corner of the internet.

I’m a creative person by nature, and trade. Throughout my life I was a dancer, and performed in theatre productions. I then went on to study Performing Arts, with a speciality in Acting for five years. Since then, I have been a part of the entertainment industry in various capacities, but my number one goal is to do what I love–performing.

In the meantime while I’m out there hustling, you’ll find me here, and on Instagram covering all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. These have always been passions of mine, and I want to share my love, insight, and creativity with all of you! From my platform, I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some incredible brands such as: VDL Cosmetics, Ole Henriksen, Fresh Beauty, and L’oreal to name a few.

I look forward to where this journey takes me, and I want thank you for following along!

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