Although I have yet to attend any of the fashion weeks (one day!), I still look forward to seeing all the fabulous looks from the runways of Paris, Milan, and the like.

Here are my favourite looks from the Spring/Summer 2022 season…


I don’t wear a ton of colour, so I have been loving the recent “neutrals for Spring” theme that’s been going on the past few years. Now if you’ve never heard of Ulla Johnson, this brand pretty much encapsulates everything I love…ruffles, dramatic sleeves, and embroidery. I especially love this dress for its mix of feminine details, paired with the striking structural design. And this COLOUR though!


I freaking love Brunello Cucinelli. Their designs are incredibly timeless and classy, but have that contemporary edge to them. And in the past year I have become obsessed with the colour Sage Green, which I’m starting to see a lot more in fashion. I really love how they paired multiple tones together, and you know I love a blazer!


Now, I don’t think “big ass sleeves” is a technical term used in fashion, but that’s how I’m saying things around here! If you haven’t noticed yet, I have a penchant for the dramatic. Its one of the things I love most about fashion is making a statement, and I am absolutely obsessed with this look from Alexander McQueen; the cinched waist, full skirt, and those ruched sleeves!

CHANEL-Yellow & Tweed

Ok, nothing CRAZY new here…I mean Chanel & Tweed go together like your favourite coffee mug that you only use on weekends (just me?) Anyways, I’ve always loved Chanel–its just iconic. But I have really been loving the 90s/vintage throwback here with the double breasted buttons and wide lapels.

For the longest time I thought I couldn’t wear yellow, I mean its gotten bad marketing as one of those colours that is hard to pull off, but I think if you find the right shade for your skin tone you can totally wear it!

ELIE SAAB-Elevated Casual

I know I’ll sound like a broken record, but I want my at home/casual wear to be just as glamorous and sophisticated as my “normal” clothes. I don’t know about you, but when I look good, I feel good, and why the hell can’t I look good while shovelling popcorn in my mouth and watching Netflix?!

Now I LOVE these latest looks from Elie Saab. It looks to me that the pants & shorts are possibly made of a sweat pant material, but the tailoring is so well done that you would never know. I also love how they elevated a classic crewneck and cardigan with embroidery, and a little bit of sparkle.

If I ever find myself in Paris doing a coffee run, this is what I’m wearing.

VALENTINO-Oversized Chic

This season Valentino really stood out. Not only do they have the seasons hottest shoe (Google: “Garavani Platform Pump”), but the clothing is what really stood out to me.

There was a clear theme of oversized shirt dresses, which I love! I think its the perfect option for when you want to stay cool and casual, but I also think they can be incredibly sexy (no need to show ALL the goodies 🙂 I personally would style something like this with layered necklaces, a textured bag, and a pair of knee high boots.

I would love to know what your favourite looks are for the season, what are you excited to wear when the warmer weather hits? Let me know in the comments!

Meghan X


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