As with makeup, I find that to get great hair, you need to start with a good base. Whether that be your shampoo & conditioner, or a heat protectant, it is always in your best interest to lay that solid foundation so you can style with ease.

As each year goes by, I often think to myself: “Wow, now THIS, this is the year where I have had the best hair and makeup!” And it’s partly true. But then I go onto the year after, and one-up myself again–which is great! I think its so important to not only grow, and learn in your abilities, but to also applaud yourself for a job well done! As you know, I love trying out new beauty products (2020 is going to be the best, right?!), which is why I was so excited when I was sent the new L’Oréal Paris 8-Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair treatment. Year of the Rat? More like Year of the Hair!

How it works

First off, if you were like me, and were like “Wtf is Lamellar?” Don’t worry, I did the research. As per the L’Oréal website, Lamellar is a type of hair smoothing technology, that unlike other rinse out, or even leave in treatments, works alongside your normal shower routine. The water-like consistency, allows the hair to be quickly, and evenly coated to mend damaged strands. And it only takes 8 seconds, no joke…I counted.

Depending on your hair type, you’ll be advised to apply in increments of 20ml. I have naturally curly hair, but its on the thinner side, so I opted for applying just 20ml.

I first shampooed, and rinsed out my hair, then using the pointed spout, squeezed the product all over my scalp and ends. After that, I massaged it in for 8 seconds. There is a warming sensation, so don’t be surprised!

I then rinsed out the product, and even though the bottle says you can follow with conditioner, I chose not to, as my hair already felt super soft. Again, depending on your hair type (coarse hair girls) you might want to apply conditioner.

L’Oréal recommends using a blowdryer after for optimal results, so blast some heat baby for the ultimate shiny, silky, softness. (Say that five times fast!)

The pros

  • Easy to apply. The spout, and the increments of 20ml on the back of the bottle, make the product pretty straightforward, and easy to use
  • It really does work in 8 seconds, it left my hair instantly soft
  • I like that it works seamlessly into my shower routine; unlike masks or deep conditioners, you don’t have to wait very long for the product to work into your hair
  • My hair was easier to style (less frizz), and helped my style last all day
  • Even the day after, my hair looked just as good as the day before
  • Its inexpensive–under $15

The cons

  • Its suggested to use the product 2-3 times/week, but at that rate (if you’re using the recommended amount), you’ll be going through one bottle every week/half-two weeks; which I think it a bit excessive

A new fave?

Not to sound overly dramatic, but I truly believe this is a revolutionary product. I think that with any product I use, if I see a positive results after one use, I’m sold. Will I use this 3 times a week? Probably not, as my hair does get weighed down if I apply too much product, but for times when my hair needs an extra boost, I will definitely be turning to the Wonder Water.

You can purchase the L’Oréal Paris 8-Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment on Amazon here.

I received this product as a free sample for review. All opinions are honest, and my own.


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