If you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, welcome! My name is Meghan. I am an aspiring actor based in Ontario, Canada. I’ve lived in a small town the majority of my life and I love it–although you can always find me heading to the larger cities around me for shopping trips!

As an actor, I understand how putting yourself out there can be really scary, but also extremely rewarding. I’ve battled with the thought of starting a blog for a really long time. If you’re on social media or in the blogging world, you know the market is SUPER saturated. Its hard to imagine that there is a space for you when there are so many other people hustling to do the same thing. My passion for expressing myself through different creative outlets has only grown though, so here it is–my blog.

If you haven’t, head over to my “About Me” page, but my goal with my blog is to share all my passions: acting, beauty, fashion, etc. I hope you will find it informative, entertaining, and most of all FUN! 

Thank you for your support, lets do this!


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